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“Goin’ Up the Country”: The Duck & The Bear – and Duane

Interesting to learn that Canned Heat‘s big 1968 hit “Goin’ Up the Country” is basically a re-write of 1929’s “Bull Doze Blues” by Henry Thomas, down to the flute part (listen here).


(Jan. 1929)

The next year, 1969, saw the single release of a spirited cover version by The Duck (Johnny Sandlin) and The Bear (Eddie Hinton) and Barry Beckett and David Hood of the Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section, with help from Duane Allman and the Memphis Horns.  I like how the intro fools you into thinking that the song is heading in one direction before it shift gears and heads somewhere else altogether:

Goin’ Up the Country

The Duck & the Bear (1969)

Thanks to Duane Allman:  An Anthology Volume II for spelling out the musician credits:

Johnny Sandlin:  Drums & percussion

Eddie Hinton:  Lead guitar

Duane Allman:  Slide guitar

Barry Beckett:  Keyboards

David Hood:  Bass Guitar

Wayne Jackson:  Trumpet

Andrew Love:  Tenor Saxophone

Joe Arnold:  Tenor Saxophone


Did Atlantic really intend the title of the track to be “Goin’ Up to Country“?

other musical misspellings


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