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“Go Away from My World”: Marianne Faithfull Needs A Little Me Time

Haunting and mesmerizing piece of pop from 1965 that too few people know about — the beautifully-produced “Go Away from My World” by Marianne Faithfull:

“Go Away From My World”     Marianne Faithfull     1965

“Go Away from My World” was the A-side of a 45 that also served as the title track of a full-length release for the US & Canadian market that, fascinatingly, uses the same cover photo as a UK album release of the same year but with no overlapping songs whatsoever!

Marianne Faithfull LP - USMarianne Faithfull LP - UK

So Many Records, So Little Time says “Go Away from My World” was a US-only single (written by Jon Mark) and “the last to ever chart on the Billboard Top 100 (#89)” in late ’65.

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