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“Gimme Reggae”: UK Pop Reggae 1969

How fascinating to learn that Blue Mink was an early champion of the “new reggae” sound (albeit one increasingly augmented by strings) that was starting to show commercial potential in the UK as the 1960s gave way to the 70s.

“Gimme Reggae”    Blue Mink

“Don’t call me Yank!” demands Madeline Bell on this track from Blue Mink’s debut album, Melting Pot – an LP that curiously was released in the US first (1969), then the UK (1970).

According to, “Gimme Reggae” was the A-side of a single release (with “Gidda Wadda Wobble” as the flip side) in 1970 – but for the Austrian market only!  Otherwise, “Gimme Reggae” did not enjoy single release in the UK & Germany until 1975 after the original group had decided to disband.

German Single – 1975

Blue Mink Reggae B-Side aWorth pointing out that the American version of Melting Pot excludes “Gimme Reggae”

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