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“For Old Times Sake”: Radio-Ready, Just Needs a Home

Brotherhood of Man, who had a worldwide hit with the title track from their classic 1970 God Pop album, United We Stand, also hit it big with their next 45, “Where Are You Going to My Love.”  One other track from this album – “For Old Times Sake” – had strong radio potential, I believe, and could have been issued as a single:

Produced by Tony Hiller

Released August 1970

Brotherhood of Man LP

“For Old Times Sake” was written by Tony Waddington and Wayne Bickerton, the musical partnership also responsible for 1968 northern soul classic, “Nothing But a Heartache” by The Flirtations for which the group filmed a playful and eye-catching video in which the singers can be seen emerging from comically-oversized bottles of ink:

Billboard‘s August 15, 1970 issue includes weekly picks from WNIV program director, Curt Stalheim (DeKalb, Illinois), who tags “For Old Times Sake” as that week’s Best Leftfield Pick (BLP).


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