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Fabulous Las Vegas Roulette: Multi-Track LP

The most “futuristic” piece of vinyl in my record collection, by far, would have to be the Fabulous Las Vegas Roulette multi-groove LP.  To fully appreciate the specialness of this disc, I must first bring up that classic Trivial Pursuit question:

Q:  How many grooves are on one side of a standard LP?

A:  Wait for it ………………………………… exactly one.

Fabulous Las Vegas Roulette LP

However, unlike every other record in my LP collection, Fabulous Las Vegas Roulette has 38 grooves:  one for each of the numbered pockets on the roulette wheel!  Each groove leads the listener to a 30-second “live” recording of a roulette wheel spin (for example, 13 in the red) that a tonearm stylus – when placed at the edge of the record – could theoretically select at random and play.  Thus, you are the croupier, and your home becomes “the house” when you use this multi-groove LP version to play the French casino game with family and friends (though possibly in defiance of country and/or state and/or federal law).

In actual practice, however, I found that certain grooves on my copy played much more frequently than others.  Consequently, just for a challenge, I attempted to make individual recordings for each of the 38 grooves and then copy the 38 “clean” recordings onto a single CD for playback on a compact disc player with built-in capability for random song selection.  Unfortunately, three of the grooves never came into contact with my turntable style despite many dozens of attempts.  Thus, in order to complete my disc, I had to fabricate three of the recordings with the help of a microphone and my Yamaha REX 50 effects unit — here are two of them:

Roulette Spin #1
Roulette Spin #2

[Pssst!  Click on the triangle above to hear these home-spun recordings]

This album was produced in 1974 by Multi-Track Sound Enterprises of Glendale, California -includes fold-out paper roulette board.

Roulette Board

These notes from Discogs tell a more complete picture:

Front and back have photos of various Vegas casinos with a map on the back of the jacket.

Side A has instructions on how to play this “Multi Track” Roulette game on the album. They also give a History of Roulette lesson and pitch a vacation to “Fabulous Las Vegas” but…

Turn the record over to get the full effect of the album.  The center label has no words, just the image of a Roulette wheel that “Spins” on your turntable.

The record comes with an insert of a fold-out paper roulette table so you can place your bets.

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  1. I found this album among some things of my deceased grandmother. in original sleeve and outer cardboard shipping box. Looks like it was opened then just put away. Would this have any worth to anyone ?

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