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“El” Pauling & the Royalton — Regal Blend

Lowman Pauling (a.k.a., “El Pauling“) exchanges vocal lines with Royal Abbit (i.e., “The Royalton“), while also taking the time to squeeze off some stinging guitar licks on “Solid Rock” — recorded June 9, 1960 in Cincinnati at the King Studios:

“Solid Rock” by El Pauling & the Royalton (1960)

Lowman Pauling — in a solo stint from The ‘5’ Royales, following their great run with King — teams up with Royal Abbit, “who would become the group’s pianist and replacement vocalist for any of the group members when sick,” according to 45Cat.  Blues musician and scholar Ben Levin believes that the two vocalists might very well be backed on drums by Philip Paul, who is celebrated in great detail here.

Over 50 years later, someone would pay $295 for an original copy of this Federal 45 described by The Houndblog as “rockin’ gospel” (check out the prices paid for other singles attributed to El Pauling).

The two vocalists would team up for three more Federal 45s of their own creation [streaming audio by clicking on song titles below]:

Billboard praised the flip side as “heartfelt warbling stint on emotion-packed rockaballad” in their March 20, 1961 edition.

Billboard‘s October 23, 1961 edition deemed this single release four stars, indicating “strong sales potential.”

Billboard‘s review in its June 16, 1952 edition rated the final 45 three stars, indicating “moderate sales potential.”

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