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Duane Eddy’s Twang + Strings

In 1965 Duane Eddy released a pair of tuneful albums on the Colpix label that one can now find smartly packaged together as a single compact disc — Duane a Go-Go [and] Duane Does Dylan.

Duane a Go Go LPDuane Does Dylan LP

Lee Hazlewood would be Duane Eddy’s chief collaborator on both Colpix albums, and the two of them would co-write five songs for Duane a Go-Go, including my personal favorite, with its magnificent, moody strings, “South Phoenix” — a song that would give Tommy Tedesco a run for his money:

Duane Eddy

South Phoenix” (1965)

Musician Credits for Duane a Go-Go


Bass:   Buddy Wheeler & Jimmy Simmons

Drums:   Jim Troxel

Elec. Guitar:  Duane Eddy & Jimmy Gray

Guitar:   Donnie Owens

Harmonica:   Larry Knechtel

Piano:   Don Robertson & Jimmy Wilcox

Saxophone:   Jim Horn

Duane Eddy 45

“South Phoenix” found release in the US, UK, Australia & New Zealand as the B-side of the album’s kick-off tune, “Trash” — a single that was a Billboard Magazine Spotlight Single “predicted to reach the Hot 100 Chart” for the week of July 3, 1965.

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