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Dale Watson’s Truckin’ Sessions (Vol. 1)

Last May’s piece about Sonny George and his modern truck driving classic album Truckin’ Country (issued on Eddie Angel‘s Spinout label) reminds me that Dale Watson deserves recognition for his own equally excellent contribution that very same year, 1998’s Truckin’ Sessions.  Kick-off tune, “Good Luck ‘n’ Good Truckin’ Tonite” would be issued as the A-side of a single — with “Yankee Doodle Jean” as the (non-LP) B-side:

Good Luck ‘n’ Good Truckin’ Tonite

Dale Watson (1998)

Not to be confused with George Clooney‘s cinematic love letter to Edward R. Murrow, Good Night, and Good Luck.

45 Picture sleeve

Diesel Only label

Dale Watson 45

The Truckin’ Sessions includes a song I am relieved to see that Zero to 180 included in its comprehensive list of songs that include the word “Baltimore” in the song title, “Heaven in Baltimore.”

By the way, I just got word that The Trucking’ Sessions, Vol. 3 will be coming out May 22nd in Europe (via CRS) and June 2nd in the USA (via Red River) as a mid-line stand alone release (previously only available as part of The Trucking’ Trilogy collection which was released last July).   All but one of the songs were re-mixed and re-mastered for Vol. III.

Track Listing

It’s Been A Long Truckin’ Day
Suicide Sam
Phillip At The Station
I Live on Truckin’ Time
I Gotta Keep On Keepin’ On
Texas Armadillo
Birmingham Breakdown
I’m A Truckin’
Drive Drive Drive
Big T
Lugnut Larry
Kitty Liang
We’re Truckin’ Along

Dale Watson is now on tour and just might be coming to a town near you.


LINK to Trucking driving songs on Zero to 180.

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