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“Competition Coupe”: The Many Faces of Gary Usher

My friend – the gifted record collector, Tom Avazian – found this fairly obscure hot rod album – 1963’s Hot Rod City on the Vault label – for sale on the streets of Washington, DC:

Hot Rod LP“Competition Coupe” by The Customs was one track that particularly tickled my ear:

Tip of the hat to AllButForgottenOldies for the background story on the band:

“The Customs were one of several studio groups put together by Richard Delvy for the 1963 LP, Hot Rod City (Vault 104).  This LP included the Customs’ noncharting ’54 Corvette’ and another Customs’ song entitled ‘RPM,’ plus ’41 Ford’ by the Grand Prix as also heard today.  Key members of the Customs included Gary Usher who wrote most of the Customs’ songs and was the lead vocalist.  Usher was a major songwriter and producer throughout the 1960s who worked with the Beach Boys and many other top bands and artists.  Usher also recorded and/or produced many other surf rock, hot-rod, and other songs under different band names.”

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