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“Comin’ Down”: B-Side? Try Song of the Year

In July 1974 Dave Dudley was the featured guest on an episode of (Your Local Navy Recruiter Presents) Navy Hoedown.  On this broadcast, host Hal Durham appears to be giving Dave Dudley a good poke in the ribs when – after listening to uptempo ballad, “Comin’ Down” – he inquires, “So, was that a side-B song for you?”  How cathartic it is, then, for the listener when Dudley calmly responds, “No, that was a recording that won Song of the Year”:

Comin’ Down – Dave Dudley

[Pssst:  Click the triangle above to play “Comin’ Down” by Dave Dudley.]

Navy Hoedown LP

Mercury released “Comin’ Down” b/w “Six-O-One” (both songs written by Dave Dudley)   in February 1970 – on the heels of “Pool Shark” (written by Tom T. Hall) released the month before.

Comin' Down - Dave Dudley 45

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