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Colour Me Canadian: DIY

Just when Zero to 180 thought it had exhausted all the “you-be-the-artist” album cover possibilities (i.e., connect-the-dots, color-your-own) Canadian contributor, We Willy, shocked this fellow North American by referencing a fairly obscure Canadian album cover that masterfully straddles the line between the two do-it-yourself genres: says LP released in 1969 — web link below, however, says 1964Bette Graham LP-a

Could this one long-playing release, Colour Me “Canadian, be — as seems to indicateBette Graham‘s entire recording output?   I am impressed to see that Graham has written all but one of the songs on the album, but is it fair to presume that she is the creative director behind this crackerjack album cover?

And should we be concerned about the variant spellings for Graham’s given name on the front vs. rear covers?

Bette Graham LP-b

You may preview (as well as acquire) the album @ The Museum of Canadian Music

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