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“Cincinnati”: Neither North nor South nor East nor West

Cincinnati” appears to be the B-side of a Decca 78 that was recorded by Martha Davis & Her Torrid Trio on December 9, 1947 in Hollywood, USA:


Martha Davis & Her Torrid Trio (1947)

Martha Davis not only sang well but played the piano masterfully, as demonstrated on this classic clip for “Martha’s Boogie.”

(image courtesy of Discogs)

Martha Davis

“Cincinnati” was written by songwriting duo, Jay Livingston (music) & Ray Evans (lyrics) – a musical partnership known for its work in film, as well as TV – including the themes to Mr. Ed and Bonanza.

It ain’t south, it ain’t north; but it’s my July Fourth;

It’s a joy, it’s a whirl; for a boy and a girl;

I mean Cincinnati, that everloving town;

Cincinnati, Ohio – that’s the city for my door;

It ain’t east, it ain’t west; but it treats you the best;

It ain’t high, it ain’t low; but, oh my, what a show;

I’ll get there by plane, train, caboose, or canoe;

Cincinnati – coming home to you;

I left my heart on the old Ohio – and there it waits for me;

Get out that firehouse band and shout all over the land –

Here I come a-humming right home to you.


“Cincinnati” was also covered by Kay Kyser, Helen Forrest, and Ray McKinley.

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