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Cincinnati: Hard Rock Capital of the World?

I have an album of repackaged material from the Buddah label — a compilation entitled Heavy Mix — that is one of the odder releases from everyone’s favorite reissue label, Pickwick.  I love that the cover art has a cement theme:

Heavy Mix - Pickwick

Even more intriguing than the kitschy cover concept is the cryptic bit of text at the bottom of the label of “Heavy Mix” cement:

First is an unattributed quote that proclaims in classic 1969-speak, “Getting It Together,” followed by the name of a fictitious business – Hard Rock Cement Co. – that is allegedly located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Not sure I follow, but okay, why not.   Now, it is true that The Sacred Mushroom came from Cincinnati, and it would be fair to call them “hard rock” – as this track from 1969 “You Won’t Be Sorry would clearly indicate.

Or perhaps Pickwick was making reference to The Ludlow Garage – Cincinnati’s closest approximation to Bill Graham’s famous Fillmore rock venues – whose proprietor in 1969 was Jim Tarbell, the one responsible for bringing in such “hard rock” acts as Neil Young, The Allman Brothers, and The Grateful Dead (and who would later become a Cincinnati City Council Member and hold the title – by mayoral proclamation – “Mr. Cincinnati” for life).

My favorite track on this motley mix is a surprisingly supple cover of the theme from the 1969 Oscar-winning film (Film; Director; Adapted Screenplay) – “Midnight Cowboy” – by John & Yoko’s one-time backing band, Elephant’s Memory:

Midnight Cowboy – Elephant’s Memory

[Pssst:  Click on the triangle above to hear “Midnight Cowboy” by Elephant’s Memory]

There’s a nice little drum break starting around the 1:18 mark where the drumming alternates between the left and right speakers — consider using this track in the event you need to test the stereo directionality of your computer’s sound system [see related story].

“Midnight Cowboy” is an LP-only selection from Elephant’s Memory second album, Songs From Midnight Cowboy.


LINK to “Midnight Cowboy” – Sleep Aid

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