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The Chaparral Brothers: Shattered Men

At last weekend’s Arbutus Record Show, I picked up some interesting long-players, including one each by a pair of unsung Capitol country artists – both, as I discovered, identical twins:  The Chaparral Brothers and The Hagers.

Paul Vorhaben + John Vorhaben

The Chaparral Brothers

Chaparral Brothers - front cover

Indeed, I was happy to acquire Introducing the Chaparral Brothers for a modest sum – especially when I saw that the music was “arranged and conducted” by one of my musical heroes, Jimmy Bryant.

And yet YouTube is bereft of any Chaparral Brothers songs (save one, “Jesus Loves You, Rosemary,” a 45 not included on either of their two albums for Capitol).  Neither can you find this 1968 album cataloged* on, nor are there any Chaparral Brothers reissues or anthologies for sale on Amazon – only listings of second-hand LPs & 45s that you can buy from private vendors.  What gives?

Chaparral Brothers - back cover x*Nov. 11, 2019 Update

1968 debut + 1970 follow-up LPs are now both listed in Discogs

I am flummoxed as to why music of this quality released on a label of such stature would remain overlooked still.   I am also a little embarrassed to discover that the band released its own version of “Hello L.A., Bye-Bye Birmingham” (the A-side of a 1970 Capitol single), but I failed to mention that in my original blog piece about John Randolph Marr.

One stand-out track from this fine debut album – “Shattered Man” – seems rife with crossover potential and sounds like an obvious radio hit to me:


[Psst:  Click on the triangle above to hear “Shattered Man” by the Chaparral Brothers]


Billboard‘s July 13, 1968 edition contains this positive assessment:

This debut album by the group has some strong attributes.  It is fresh in sound, and it obviously reflects fine musicianship.  The style of the lads will appeal to more than strictly country buyers.  The material and performances have in them much that interests the contemporary general record buyer.  “Standing in the Rain” and “Shattered Man” are typical.

WorldCat and its combined library catalogs worldwide informs me that the British Library is the only member library with a musical score for “Shattered Man” – click here for proof.

PragueFrank’s righteous recording data includes information about Chaparral singles not listed in 45Cat (though, sadly, not about the accompanying studio musicians):

Chaparral Brothers:  Capitol 45s

  • “Standing In The Rain” b/w “Just One More Time”  [04-1968]
  • “The Rain” b/w “Follow Your Drum”  [11-1968]
  • “I’m Not Even Missing You” / “Maybe Could Find Way Back Home Again”  [06-1969]
  • “Jesus Loves You, Rosemary” / “Then Darling I Could Forget You”  [09-1969]
  • “Runnin’ From A Memory” / “Curly Brown”  [12-1969]
  • “Hello L.A. (Bye Bye Birmingham)” / “I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind”  [02-1970]
  • “Foolin’ Around” / “Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs”  [06-1970]
  • “Let Somebody Love You” / “I Believe In You”  [11-1970]


Chaparral Brothers:  Capitol LPs

  • Introducing The Chaparral Brothers:  Standing in the Rain; Leave; Love Of The Common People; Out Of My Mind; Shattered Man; Tahiti Joe; Just One More Time; Hard Times Come Easy For Me; For The Last Time; Down Came The World; Winner Take All  [05-1968]
  • Just For The Record:  Foolin’ Around; Hello L.A. (Bye, Bye, Birmingham); Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs; Let Somebody Love You; Try A Little Kindness; Running From A Memory; Brown Eyed Handsome Man; The Days Of Sand And Shovels; Born High; I’m Not Even Missing You  [09-1970]


Pair of non-LP tracks “produced and arranged by Al De Lory

not Jimmy Bryant

Chaparall Bros 45

Yaphet Kotto, coincidentally enough, would appear as Sgt. Major Creason in television series, The High Chaparral in 1968 – the same year Capitol would unleash the Chaparral Brothers on the world.


Zero to 180 on the Radio!

Shattered Man” one of 21 songs played during Zero to 180’s 90-minute interview

Courtesy of Robbie White‘s “Forbidden Alliance” radio program

WOWD FM — Takoma ParkMD

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  1. That’s my father(John) and uncle(Paul). So glad to see this . If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

    1. I lived next door to them and their wives in Glendale CA in a small apartment near the Burbank border, I think Elmwood Street, when I was in high school 1970. I was very hyper active and irritated the crap out of one wife at all hours. Give her my apologies.

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