“Body Surfing With the Jet Set”: Anyone for Beach Bums?

The words of Rod McKuen and music of Anita Kerr effortlessly intertwine on this breezy romp through the Pacific Coast of one’s mind:

“Body Surfing With the Jet Set” by The San Sebastian Strings    1970

Body Surfing With the Jet Set” serves, fittingly, as side one’s closing track of 1970 album, Soft Sea.  Sadly, this song nor any other tracks from this album would be issued as singles.

Soft Sea LP

Hey, Everybody – Look at Alan Price’s Face

Alan Price gets an intoxicating sound out of his trusty synthesizer on this lovely track from 1974’s Between Today and Yesterday on Warner Brothers:

“Look at My Face”     Alan Price     1974

If The Who’s anthemic “Baba O’Reilly” is – as Dave Marsh once stuffily proclaimed – the first “bona fide” use of the synthesizer as a rock instrument, then let me be the first to declare Alan Price’s “Look at My Face” to be the first “powerfully understated” use of the synthesizer as a pop instrument.

I sure have a knack for picking the B-sides – as it turns out, this tune was the flip side of his “Jarrow Song” 45 (which went to #6 in the UK).  Wikipedia tells me that Alan was educated at Jarrow Grammar School, so that’d be like if I wrote something called “Roselawn Song.”

Alan Price wants you to look at his face now —

Alan Price