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"Always Unknowing"

“Always Unknowing”: Roxy Music, Forever Uncertain

Phil Manzanera* squeezes off soulful guitar lines, particularly during the instrumental coda, on “Always Unknowing” – the flip side of Roxy Music‘s Top-20 hit from 1982, “Avalon“: This languid and forlorn Bryan Ferry composition (produced by the band, with Rhett Davies) remained a B-side for 20 years or so until

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"Louie Louie"

“Louie Louie”: Languid, Listless

One year after Stu Phillips recorded a spectacularly soporific reading of “Tired of Waiting for You,” The Sandpipers released a similarly sluggish take on the garage rock classic, “Louie Louie” — it, too, makes me laugh: “Louie Louie“ The Sandpipers (1966) 45Cat’s BeatleJohn likewise warns listeners that this recording is

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"Tired Of Waiting For You"

The Most Literal Cover Version Ever

I remember having a good laugh the first time I listened to Stu Phillips‘ ever-so-sleepy arrangement of the Kinks’ classic, “Tired of Waiting for You“: “Tired of Waiting for You” Stu Phillips & the Hollyridge Strings (1965) The original Kinks hit was recorded in late 1964 and released January 1965

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