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"Sugar Sugar"

“Sugar Sugar”: Solid Gold from Muscle Shoals

“Sugar Sugar” was inescapable in the summer of 1969, with Wilson Pickett and even The Wailers (with Bob Marley singing lead) recording their own versions.  Muscling in on the action also were the studio musicians behind the hits being recorded in the late 60s at Rick Hall‘s Fame Studios in

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“Ranjana”: West Meets East

Chet Atkins‘ 1967 RCA album, It’s a Guitar World, finds him on the back cover under the banner, “The International Guitar of Chet Atkins“: Producer Bob Ferguson writes the following about “Ranjana” in the album’s liner notes: [“Ranjana” and “January in Bombay“] are India’s attendants at this musical U.N. feast. 

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