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"Tacos and Grits"

“Tacos & Grits”: Jazz Trombone

Zero to 180 kicks off its musical salute to grits with “Tacos And Grits,” an obvious winner of an instrumental by jazz trombonist, Al Grey: “Tacos and Grits” Al Grey (1963) This first featured song in Zero to 180’s music & grits series — launched on the heels of Saturday’s

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"Uproar Boogie"

Gatemouth Brown: Refuses to Be Fenced In

Artists who steadfastly resist to be pidgeonholed – Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown being one such notable example – always pique my curiosity.  Music writer, Michael Perry, in his article about Gatemouth Brown from the November-December 2001 issue of “alt-country” magazine, No Depression, describes an independence of spirit so fierce that it

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"From the Back Side"

“From the Back Side”: James Brown’s Parting Gift to King?

Son’s of Funk – i.e., Fred Wesley & the JB’s – with their 1972 single release on the King label: “From the Back Side (Pt. 1)” Son’s of Funk (1972) Is it really true – as YouTube contributor, BuckeyeCat2002, recalls – that “this James Brown / Fred Wesley cut was

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