“We Did”: Herb & Kay, in fact, Did

We Did” by Herb & Kay sure sounds like an A-side to me:

“We Did”     Herb & Kay     1955

And yet, this song – recorded on August 19, 1955 at Cincinnati’s King Records studio – ended up as the B-side to “I’ve Got a Right to Be Jealous.”

Herb & Kay

Billboard’s review from the November 26, 1955 edition would seem to validate Zero to 180’s assertion:

“A cute, swingy ditty [‘I’ve Got a Right to Be Jealous, Honey’] by the couple on their first disk.  Features clever back-and-forth lyric bits as they tell each other why they have a right to be jealous.  [‘We Did’] More rhythmic dueting with a good lift from electric guitar backing. Flip, however, has more to sell.”

According to Dave Sax in his liner notes to Ace’s King Hillbilly Bop ‘n’ Boogie compilation:

Herb & Kay Adams, who originally met at Chicago’s WLS Barn Dance, where they were married in January 1950, “were signed to King Records in December 1953 and sold well with their first release, ‘Coffee Blues.’   The very talented couple was popular at daily radio and TV shows at WFBN in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The catchy and clever ‘We Did,’ co-written by Charlie Gore, was recorded at their last session for King in August, 1955 and reflects the banter for which they were well known on the Indiana Hoedown.”

Thanks also to Hillbilly-Music for the biographical info:

Herb and Kay Adams were a husband-wife duet team that were new on the scene when they started at WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio around 1955. They were both Ohio natives. Herb was a vocalist and played the violin. Kay, who was a native of Greenville, Ohio, played the guitar, did vocals and could also do yodel numbers, too. She was also said to have done some commercials, too as well as a bit of emcee duties. Herb and Kay met when they were featured on a radio station in Dayton, Ohio.

Herb Kay, unsurprisingly, were part of the featured talent on the Midwestern Hayride in 1955.