Gerry Goffin Once Recorded in Silver Spring?

Gerry Goffin, Carole King’s long-time songwriting partner (who left us June 19th, sadly) once recorded in Silver Spring, Maryland — as a search of the 45Cat database recently revealed.  “It’s Not the Spotlight” would be the A-side of a single from Goffin’s 1973 debut solo (double!) album, It Ain’t Exactly Entertainment, on Silver Spring indie label, Adelphi:

Is it right to assume that this recording necessarily took place at Track Recorders in Silver Spring, Maryland (within walking distance of where I live), since these two entities – Track Recorders and Adelphi Records – often go hand-in-hand?   Track Recorders, by the way, is where John Fahey and Root Boy Slim and Linda Ronstadt and The Seldom Scene, among many other artists of local and national renown have gone to lay down, well, tracks.

The Urban Butcher, a popular restaurant and watering hole, now stands in Track’s place.

Gerry Goffin 45Among the 18 tracks on Goffin’s solo album that was clearly long in the making:           “Last Cha Cha on Jackson Highway”; “It’s Alright to Be Alive”; and “Maryland Again.”

Epilogue:  Internet Search Reveals Album Credits with Recording Info

Thanks to Doug Percival – former Track Recorder staffer – for his web sleuthing skills that turned up recording credits online that revealed the recording to have taken place at both recording facilities in Muscle Shoals:  Fame & Muscle Shoals Sound (perhaps I should hire Doug to be part of the Zero to 180 research staff).

recording credits:  magnifying glass required

Goffin LP creditsSo, it is doubtful that Gerry Goffin set foot in Silver Spring, but not wholly implausible either.