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"On The Alamo"

“On the Alamo”: (Inter)Twin(ed) Guitars

It is startling and sad the degree to which Jimmie Rivers is not represented in the history of recorded music.  Says AllMusic — Despite his obscurity, Jimmie Rivers is one of the great western swing/bop guitarists. His legacy is miniscule, consisting of a disc’s worth of live tracks with his group,

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"Pork Chop Stomp"

1954: An Explosive Year for Music

We all know that 1954 was the year of Elvis Presley’s famous and influential Sun recordings, but 1954 was also highly noteworthy for the combined impact of these three particular tunes – all instrumentals: 1.  “Stratosphere Boogie” by Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant – Phenomenal, blazing twin guitar work — rock

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