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"Wine and Grine"

“W[h]ine and Grine”: Rocksteady with Pre-Fame Jeremy Sisto

<Spotify LINK to Prince Buster Mix> Thanks to Dave Katz‘s feature article about Prince Buster in the June 2008 issue of Mojo for leading me to this 1998 Levi’s ad that stars a young Jeremy Sisto before the HBO series, Six Feet Under, made him a breakout star: * Video clip

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"Ten Commandments (From Woman To Man)"

King Records Goes Ska – Prince Buster & Byron Lee

<Spotify LINK to Prince Buster Mix> Previous Zero to 180 posts have highlighted the strong cultural connections between Kingston Jamaica and Cincinnati, Ohio, as evidenced by — (a) the radical rocksteady funk of Prince Buster‘s 1966 tip of the hat to “The Cincinnati Kid” himself, James Brown, as well as

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"Cincinnati Kid"

The Real Cincinnati Kid

This blog’s first post is a tip of the hat to my hometown, Cincinnati, and the record label  that recorded the rhythm & blues and hillbilly bop that helped give birth to rock and roll — King Records. In 1965 King’s most famous and influential artist, James Brown (along with

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