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"Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye"

“Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye”: Unlikely Alien Invasion

Eyeballing the list of artists who released 45s on Decca‘s progressive imprint, Deram, I am amused by the “far-out” band names that remain largely unknown on this side of the pond: West Coast Delegation The Wards of Court Rubber Bootz Cuppa T Granny’s Intentions John Street & the Inmates of

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60s/70s rock +/- pop

Godfrey Daniel: Punk Doowop Revivalists

I discovered Godfrey Daniel‘s one and only album – Take A Sad Song – at the local library bookstore that sells donated materials, including record albums and 45s.  I was struck first by the label – Atlantic – and secondarily by the following somewhat cryptic text on the back cover:

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"I Just Want to Touch You"

“I Just Want to Touch You”: The New Rutles?

Why am I not terribly surprised that Todd Rundgren‘s Utopia went to the trouble and expense of dressing up as Fab Four lookalikes in their video for affectionate Beatle pastiche, “I Just Want to Touch You“: From 1980 Bearsville album, Deface the Music, just two short years after spoof Rutles

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