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"Unnamed Instrumental"

Maximum Schlock & Roll

Drummer Keith Bortz of The Max – formerly Max and the Bluegills – was instrumental (so to speak) in getting permission to stage a concert in the group’s high school auditorium on a Friday afternoon in April, 1981.  Students were gouged at the door — one-dollar admission!  Cannot recall whether

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"I Think I Love You"

Early 80s Cincinnati Power Ballad

If it’s true that Aerosmith invented the “power ballad” in 1973 with their prom-rock classic, “Dream On,” then let history take note that Cincinnati teen rockers – Max & the Bluegills – would enter a sound studio eight years later to record their own aching power ballad about unrequited love’s

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Hedges & Jordan Planted a Seed

The radical “double-tapping” guitar style pioneered by Michael Hedges and Stanley Jordan was a phenomenon I got to witness firsthand when Michael Avraham HaLevy, a former musical sparring partner of mine, went away to Boston’s Berklee School of Music and – like Robert Johnson and his famous pact at the

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