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"Clean Up Your Own Back Yard"

“Clean Up Your Own Back Yard”: Elvis, Like Dion, Gardens From Within

The synchronicity is startling:  Elvis and Dion would release single-only tracks that share the title “Your Own Back Yard” within 12 months of each other.  Spooky, isn’t it? “Clean Up Your Own Back Yard“ Elvis Presley (1969) Elvis’s “Clean Up Your Own Back Yard” was, as the 45 picture sleeve

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"Uncle Booger Red & Byrdie Nelle"

“Uncle Booger Red & Byrdie Nelle”: Does Don Kirshner Know About This?

There is fascinatingly little to be found on the web about a song called “Uncle Booger Red & Byrdie Nelle.”  I discovered this tune on an oddball compilation album of country music obscurities and social commentary songs entitled, Country Comment, on the Charly label, a European import. count The song

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