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"I Got to Ramble"

Link Wray’s Duane Allman Tribute 45

This past January, guitarists Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes announced they would no longer perform with the Allman Brothers after this year.  Last week, the Allman Brothers Band as we know it played their final run of shows ever at NYC’s Beacon Theatre – six in all, with the final one

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"God Out West"

“God Out West”: Link Wray Sings Hallelujah

Between the years 1971-1974, Link Wray entered into a business relationship with Polydor Records that yielded four albums – but no singles (*actually, a small handful).  Link’s debut Polydor album, 1971’s Link Wray, found him embracing his Shawnee heritage at a time when popular interest in Native American culture and

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"Dixie Doodle"

Music that Bridge Nations: “Dixie Doodle”

One of my favorite Link Wray tunes is one that humorously fuses our two American national anthems — “Dixie” and “Yankee Doodle“: “Dixie Doodle” Link Wray (1958) Interesting to learn that, on the strength of his hugely influential top 40 hit, “Rumble” — a menacing instrumental that was actually banned

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