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"Sad Day"

’65 Stones Tune Known by Few

Richie Unterberger confirmed my hunch in his review of Rolling Stones B-side “Sad Day” for AllMusic: “‘Sad Day’ is one of the least-known early Rolling Stones songs.   It was never even issued in their native U.K. until 1973, and it didn’t make it onto an American album until it

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"Surf Finger"

“Surf Finger”: Lost Surf Classic

“Surf Finger,” such an obvious candidate for the A-side of a 45, alas, was never issued on wax and seems only to have surfaced with the release of Ace’s 2006 CD anthology, Hard Workin’ Man – The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 2: “Surf Finger“ Jack Nitzsche (1966) Video above features

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