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"Maria Magenta"

Donovan’s Color-Your-Own Cover

Artsy-craftsy types might find connect-the-dot album covers to be a bit stultifying — where’s the creativity?  Connect these dots – and in this precise order, commands the album cover.  Sorry, I prefer to make my own decisions. One Donovan album I have had a hard time finding in second-hand shops

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“Celeste”: Makes a Tinkly Sound

In this black & white solo performance, Donovan tells us that “Celeste” is just a “pretty girl’s name” — but I respectfully disagree.  I find Donovan’s original 1966 studio recording “Celeste” to be a particularly effective one in capturing a certain incipient sound (and let’s be honest, I think much

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“Museum”: Herman’s Hermits’ Lone Moment of Hipness

I dismissed Herman’s Hermits ages ago (“Henry The VIII, I Am,” etc.) but then, in recent years, was given a copy of their 1967 MGM album Blaze (Tom Avazian – who else?) and had to admit that the kick-off tune was a surprisingly effective one: “Museum“ Herman’s Hermits (1967) I

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