“Sky and Sea”: 5D’s Jazz Vocal Instrumental II

Two years following sunshine pop’s progressive peak, The 5th Dimension would once again explore wordless vocal jazz – “Sky and Sea” from 1972’s Individually and Collectively, their fourth album for Bell:

“Sky and Sea”      The 5th Dimension     1972

This song – arranged by Bob Alcivar (no surprise) with Bones Howe – was written by Brazilian songwriter, pianist, singer, and “a father of the bossa nova,Johnny Alf (who passed in 2010 at the ago of 80) and originally entitled, “Céu e Mar.”

Johnny Alf LP

“Dimension 5ive”: Sunshine Pop’s Progressive Peak?

There’s something special about the song, “Dimension 5ive” by The 5th Dimension.     Lush vocals from start to finish – and yet it’s technically not a “vocal” tune, as there are no lyrics.  Yet, neither is it an instrumental.

This song is the closing track on the 5th Dimension’s 1970 album, Portrait, for which LeRoy Neiman provided an impressionistic color portrait for the front cover, a minimalist black line drawing for the back cover, and 8 color sketches of the group at work in the studio for the album’s gatefold: Fifth Dimension-aa

Bones Howe is once again behind the board, but there’s a new person to appear prominently in the credits on a 5th Dimension album:  Bob Alcivar.  Not only did he arrange all the album’s vocals, but he also wrote the song, “Dimension 5ive.”   Here’s the group rehearsing at Bob’s house:Fifth Dimension-bb

Check out the song: