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Carl Dobson & the Liberals: Lefty Reggae

In the interest of fair and balanced coverage (given yesterday’s item about 60s soul group The Conservatives), today’s piece features an unashamedly left-leaning outfit — Jamaica’s Carl Dobson & the Liberals on their (1976?) single, “W[h]oopin[g] Mama“:

W[h]oopin[g] Mama” + Dub

Carl Dobson & The Liberals (1976)

Great production from legendary reggae team – Joe Gibbs and his trusty engineer, Errol T. (the pair dubbed “The Mighty Two“) – with the dub B-side surgically attached in this special YouTube mix.

Carl Dobson would also release a couple of singles backed by the “Mighty Liberals” around this same time.

This “wicked” 45 sold at an online auction in 2010 for $26.

Carl Dobson 45


Prior to this recording, Dobson would also put out a couple of discs with the esteemed Morwells (Maurice Wellington and EricBingy BunnyLamont) in 1974 and 1975.

Equal Time:

LINK to The Conservatives — Tax Breaks For The Funky?



19 September 2017

Message from Maurice Lindsay, founding member of The Liberals:

“One of my songs is listed on this site, the 1976 hit reggae song – titled Wooping Mama, by Carl Dobson & the Liberals.  My name is Maurice Lindsay and I am the founder and a member of The Liberals.  I am also, the co-author and producer of this song which was distributed on the Joe Gibbs label.  I now live in Massachusetts, USA and Carl Dobson lives in Ontario, Canada.  We have lost touch with each other, if anyone knows how I can reach Carl Dobson please let me know.  My first recording with Carl Dobson was in 1975 and it was our first hit single called “Bag a Wire” by Morris Lindsey and Carl Dobson on the Dynamic Sound Label, where they miss-spelled my name on the label as Morris Lindsey instead of Maurice Lindsay.”

Maurice Lindsay & Carl Dobson

Bag a Wire

New video posted July 2022


Recorded at Pat Kelly [The Techniques] recording studio, mixed by Errol Thompson, and distributed by Dynamic Sounds Recording Co. Ltd. 1976 on the Jaguar label. Written and produced by Maurice Lindsay with vocal performances (rap) by Maurice Lindsay, featuring Carl Dobson (singing).

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