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“Brung to Ewe by”: Paul’s Return to the Avant-Garde

This rather bonkers promotional campaign for Paul & Linda McCartney‘s 1971 LP Ram might very well have been the catalyst that propelled the album into the upper reaches of the pop charts both here and abroad:

Brung to Ewe

Paul & Linda McCartney (1971)

It tickles the brain to hear all the different treatments of “Now Hear This Song of Mine” — only for Paul to leave the song off the album altogether!

A two-page document that accompanied this Brung to Ewe twelve-inch promo album advised radio programmers accordingly —

Here are some introductions you might like to use before Ram album tracks.  We made these while we were doing Ram, and they’re designed to play straight into an album track, or out of it for that matter.

This limited-edition, individually-numbered disc contains fifteen different 30-second and 60-second introductions to Ram album tracks.

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