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“Big Honky Baby”: Ellie Greenwich – We Know It’s You

They sure don’t make song titles like “Big Honky Baby” anymore — this 1962 release by “Kellie Douglas” was, in actuality, famed Brill Building-era songwriter, Ellie Greenwich, stepping out in front of the microphone with a song penned by long-time partner, Jeff Barry:

“Big Honky Baby”     Ellie Greenwich     1962

“Big Honky Baby” was the B-side to “My Mama Didn’t Like Him,” a single that appears not to have charted very high, if at all.  Amusingly, a couple websites list the title as “Big Hunky Baby,” which actually makes a lot more sense – had RCA mistranscribed the title in much the same way Atlantic came up with “Goin’ Up To Country“?.

Big Honky Baby 45

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  1. I bought this record in Portsmouth England in 1965 – it is on the Victor label [47-8005] – Since that time I have played it many many times not knowing anything about Kellie Douglas whatsoever and today [31/05/2014] I find out her real name and that sadly she is no longer with us. My copy of the record is still in mint condition.

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