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“Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye”: Unlikely Alien Invasion

Eyeballing the list of artists who released 45s on Decca‘s progressive imprint, Deram, I am amused by the “far-outband names that remain largely unknown on this side of the pond:

  • West Coast Delegation
  • The Wards of Court
  • Rubber Bootz
  • Cuppa T
  • Granny’s Intentions
  • John Street & the Inmates of No. 12
  • The Crocheted Doughnut Ring
  • The Virgin Sleep
  • Bernie & the Buzz Band
  • Anvil Flutes and Capricorn Voices
  • Martin’s Magic Sounds
  • Currant Craze
  • The Syn


A shameless attention-getting ploy perhaps but a harmless one.

Similarly, a song title such as “Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye” practically begs to be heard, and fortunately, this tune about Martian invaders armed with lethal pastries does not disappoint:


Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye” (1969)

“Baked jam roll in your eye:  are you trying to kill or feed me?” the humans earnestly inquire of Martian commander, Klaus.  Will the Earthlings prevail armed only with song?

“Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye” is Timebox’s successor to “Girl Don’t Make Me Wait,” with its brilliant B-side, “Gone Is the Sad Man” — a song that could easily be mistaken for some long-lost Beatles single.  Would you be surprised to learn that one of the song’s co-writers, PaulOllieHalsall, would later become part of the Pre-Fab Four (depicted as Leppo, “the fifth Rutle” in the faux-documentary, All You Need Is Cash)?  Neil Innes, at a 1997 Beatlefest in Los Angeles, identified Halsall as a primary contributor in the making of the first Rutles album and pronounced him “the most underrated guitarist in the world.”  Halsall, who died in 1992, enjoys distinction as one of rock’s few vibraphone players.

45 – Denmark

A-Side composed by Mike Patto & Ollie Halsall

Timebox 45

45 – Netherlands

Future Shock” typeface

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