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“B-A Bay” vs. “The Name Game”: Tongue Twister Showdown

I remember being a bit intimidated when I first heard “The Name Game” – Shirley Ellis’s big tongue twister of a hit – half fearing I would never be able to break the code behind the rhyming game (fortunately, with persistence, I one day did).  “The Name Game,” it is worth noting, was released three separate times on 45:  in 1964, 1966 and 1973.

Name Game - Shirley Ellis LP

How intriguing then to discover another tongue twister – “B-A Bay” from The Limeliters –   that is just as fun and challenging and whimsical … and yet a relative unknown in the collective pop consciousness as represented on the information superhighway:

B-A Bay – The Limeliters

[Pssst:  Click on the triangle above to play ”B-A Bay” by The Limeliters.]

This song was issued on an album – Through Children’s Eyes: Little-Folk Songs for Adults – that was originally performed live and recorded in December 1961 in Berkeley, California.

Would you be surprised to learn that The Limeliters derived the song’s inspiration directly from The Three Stooges?

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