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“Always Unknowing”: Roxy Music, Forever Uncertain

Phil Manzanera* squeezes off soulful guitar lines, particularly during the instrumental coda, on “Always Unknowing” – the flip side of Roxy Music‘s Top-20 hit from 1982, “Avalon:

This languid and forlorn Bryan Ferry composition (produced by the band, with Rhett Davies) remained a B-side for 20 years or so until included in a remastered CD mix of Avalon.  “Always Unknowing” was also included on 1983 Warner Brothers B-sides and rarities compilation album, Attack of the Killer B’s.

Attack of the Killer B's


*Truth Injection:

Neil Hubbard – Take a Bow!

As BP points out below, one can never overstate the critical importance of fact-checking — in this case, musician credits. That is, if you pull up Discogs‘ catalog record for the SACD hybrid multichannel stereo reissue (from 2003) of 1982’s Avalon album, the guitar credits list Neil Hubbard and Phil Manzanera (though without differentiation of lead vs. rhythm – that is left up to the listener). Zero to 180, too, feels compelled to note for the record that the musician credits for Roxy Music’s 10-CD Complete Studio Recordings, acknowledge Brennan’s work on 1980’s Flesh + Blood but not for “Always Unknowing,” which is included on the 10th disc in the set, Singles, B-Sides And Alternative Mixes [that same critique applies to 4-CD Roxy Music retrospective, The Thrill Of It All.


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  1. The guitarist on ‘Always Unknowing’ isn’t Manzanera – it’s Neil Hubbard. I’ll leave you to Google. It’s a very soulful and bluesy guitar solo – a long way from Manzanera’s sound.

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