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Muhammad Ali: “The People’s Choice”

Muhammad Ali enjoyed such worldwide popularity, I’m surprised The Champ didn’t release more recordings over the course of his career, aside from two albums, a handful of singles, and, of course, the Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay LPs:

Ali LP-a1Ali LP-aa1

Ali would launch his national campaign for dental health with a boxing match against the “pride of Cavityville” – Mr. Tooth Decay – on the grounds of the Washington Monument, as reported in the November 4, 1979 edition of The Washington Post:

Yesterday’s match was sponsored free of charge, by A&P supermarkets, which will be distributing an album on tooth decay called May the Brush Be With You.  It features the voices of Ali, Frank Sinatra, Billie Jean King, Lily Tomlin and President Carter.  Most of the proceeds will go to charity — and the rest to Ali.

Ali LP-b1

Ali’s second full-length release (one of Billboard‘s “recommended” soul albums in its October 30, 1976 edition) would coincide with the nation’s bicentennial, hence the subtitle of the title track, “Ali’s Bicentennial Freedom Song.”

Ali LP-c1Ali LP-cc1

Zero to 180 is hoping someone can identify Muhammad Ali’s partner (i.e., “The Best Ever”) on this 1975 Polydor single A-side “The People’s Choice” that might possibly have been – oddly enough – for the European market only:

Ali 45-c1

“The People’s Choice”

The Best Ever & Muhammad Ali (1975)

Germany’s Trikont label would gather many rare and hard-to-find Ali-related songs in 2003 in a CD entitled Hits and Misses:  Muhammad Ali and the Ultimate Sound of Fistfighting:

Muhammad Ali”     Tom Russell     [2003]

8ième Round”     Trio Madjesi     [1976?]

Cassius Marcellus Clay”     Jorge Ben     [1971]

The Ballad Of Cassius Clay”     The Alcoves     [1964]

Muhammad Ali”     Sir Mack Rice     [1976]

Foreman Ali Welcome To Kinshasa”     G.O. Malebo Orch.    [1974]

The People’s Choice”     The Best Ever & Muhammad Ali     [1975]

You’re The Greatest”     Bette McLaurin     [1964]

Muhammad Ali”     Dennis Alcapone     [1975]

He Is He”     Page Scherer     [?]

The Louisville Lip”     Eddie Curtis     [1971]

Rumble In The Jungle”     Don Covay     [1974]

Muhammad Ali”     Liberated Brother     [1975]

Cassius Clay”     Dennis Alcapone     [1973]

Foreman vs Frazier”     Big Youth     [1973]

Muhammad Ali”     Mr. Calypson     [1971]

Muhammad Ali”     Verne Harrell     [1971]

Ali Shuffle”    J.W. Grasshopper & the Butterfly     [1974]

Try It Again”     Joe Frazier     [1974]

Bommaye”     Pupi Y Su Charanga     [1975]

I’m The Greatest”     Muhammad Ali     [1976]

Ali 45-a1Ali 45-aaa1Ali 45-aa1Ali 45-b1Ali 45-e1Ali 45-d1Ali 45-f1Ali 45-h1Ali & the Beatles-1

Behind the Mic: 

A Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali Discography

Extra Rounds with The Champ!

Doin’ the Ali Shuffle” by Alvin Cash (1967)

Linger On (Cassius Clay)” by Prince Buster (1965)

Ali Bom-Ba-Ye” by Michael Masser & Mandrill (1977)

Honorable Mention

Skeeter Davis by “I’m a Lover Not a Fighter” (1969)

“I’m a lover not a fighter, I kinda like it that way.
If you want a a fighting partner, go live with Cassius Clay.”

Ali LP-x

Clancy Eccles 45 – “I’m the Greatest” (1964)

Sells for three figures

Ali 45-z

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