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Al Casey: Friends with Bats

Thanks to Amy Bucci at National Geographic for encouraging my interest in bats by giving me a special set of US postage stamps (“Night Friends” from 2002) that celebrate the world’s only flying mammal.

Bat Postage Stamps

The world’s bat population is imperiled for a whole host of reasons and irrationally targeted by fearful humans despite all the good they do for our planet.

Fortunately, Al Casey and The Bats (plus Corkey!) are not giving up — er, I guess they are:

Give’n Up

Al Casey (& Corkey) And The Bats (1958)

“Give’n Up” was composed by Danny Wolfe and produced jointly by Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood.  1958 would make this one of Lee Hazlewood‘s earlier productions (although “The Fool,” written for Sanford Clark in 1956, is Hazlewood’s official entré into the music industry).

Five years later, Al Casey would almost hit the Top 40 with the Lee Hazlewood-penned “Surfin’ Hootenanny” – a playful tune that features guitar solos in the styles of (1) Dick Dale, (2) The Ventures, and (3) Duane Eddy.  Though primarily a session player, Al Casey would hit the Billboard Top 100 at least twice.

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