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“Accroche Toi, Caroline”: Hang Tight, Caravelli Advises

This boss near-instrumental from 1967 simply attributed to “The Paris Studio Group” features a mean harpsichord – something right out of Lurch from The Addams Family:

Accroche Toi, Caroline

The Paris Studio Group (1967)

New Musical Express informs us —

Main title theme as used on Tony Hart`s UK TV series, Vision On – a children`s TV series aimed at deaf children which ran from 1964 to 1977.  The music is composed and performed by Claude Vasori, better known as Caravelli.

Caravelli LP

The following year, Billboard would publish this full-page ad on behalf of Columbia Records that announced the arrival of the French orchestra leader, composer and arranger here in the US: 


May 18, 1968

Europe’s renowned conductor Caravelli has taken the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest winner, “La, La, La,” Added the famous Caravelli “colour” and -voilà- one of the biggest orchestral sounds around today. Originally recorded by CBS Records, France, it’s now been released in the USA on Columbia Records.

Caravelli blends the romanticism of his “magic violins” with the contemporary dance rhythms of today. The result is a a lush, full, French sound that’s so distinctly Caravelli. Incidentally, you’ll be hearing more of this French sound with the release of his new album, La La La, à la Caravelli.

The French Sound on Columbia Records


LINK to French Pop on Zero to 180

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