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"Body Surfing With the Jet Set"

“Body Surfing With the Jet Set”: Anyone for Beach Bums?

The words of Rod McKuen and music of Anita Kerr effortlessly intertwine on this breezy romp through the Pacific Coast of one’s mind: “Body Surfing With the Jet Set“ The San Sebastian Strings (1970) “Body Surfing With the Jet Set” serves, fittingly, as side one’s closing track of 1970 album,

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Titles of featured songs in alphabetical order: A-B-C “1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero“ [The Ray Charles Singers] “1900 Yesterday“ [Liz Damon Express] “1967” [Adrian Belew] “20th Century Blues“ [Lily Tomlin] “42 in Chicago“ [Merle Kilgore] “A Bubble Called You“ [The Alan Copeland Conspiracy] “A Thousand Devils“ [The Fifth Order] “A

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