“Hipster”: That You, Mr. Brinson?

I’m surprised there aren’t more web pages that pay tribute to Julius Brinson, gym teacher extraordinaire, whose boundless energy and relentless good cheer have brightened countless days for the students, parents, and fellow staff of Sligo Creek Elementary School.

It’s no secret that Mr. Brinson is rather adept at mixing a sound board, as his DJ skills are regularly put to use at school events.  How likely is that before he embarked on a long and distinguished career as a physical education instructor, Julius Brinson had taken a run at the big time in the early 1970s with this coveted dance track on obscure indie, Interstate 95?

“Hipster”     C. Forture & J. Brinson     1971?

Years later “Hipster” would easily command three-digit figures at auction.  Fortunately, German label Tramp Records would take pity on the rest of us in 2012 and include “Hipster” in its funk and soul compilation Movements 4.

Brinson 45Mr. Brinson will be in full effect at today’s big annual event at Sligo Creek Elementary:  The Salamander Stride — a “fun run” for the entire student body and a fundraiser for the PTA, in addition to being a fun time for the whole school community.

Zero to 180 readers may direct their generosity to the Salamander Stride fundraising pages for Nick Richardson and Vivian Richardson.

jO rASI – Aug/Sep 2014 edition of ‘Our Children’ – National PTA Magazine

Salamander Stride

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