Otis Williams + Fetching Chorus

I love the wordless chorus that kicks off this classic single recorded at Cincinnati’s King Records studio by Otis Williams in 1962, “When We Get Together“:

“When We Get Together”      Otis Williams     1962

Released with “Only Young Once” as its B-side — both songs recorded July 19, 1962.   Says Billboard in its August 18, 1962 edition:


♠♠♠♠ “When We Get Together” — Williams, fresh out of a two-year stint in the service, turns out a good, dramatic ballad job to a smart, steady beat.  Femme chorus helps.  Good side that could move.  (Lois, BMI)  (2:59)

This song is an example of what music enthusiasts & scholars might deem “popcorn” beat.  As it turns out, “When We Get Together” is not a remake of the original 1955 DeLuxe recording by The Charms but rather a different song written by “Ray Starr” a.k.a., Ray Pennington.

    1955 DeLuxe Single by “the Charms”   1962 King Remake by “Otis Williams”

Otis Williams DeLuxe 45Otis Williams King 45