“Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman”: Nancy, Lee & Tom T.

I love how much fun Nancy and Lee are having while they sing, audibly evident just 13 seconds into this song.  And Lee isn’t kidding when Nancy queries him about a lyric in the middle of the performance, and he replies, “I don’t know, I didn’t write the song” — that would be Tom T. Hall:

This song was included on 1968’s Nancy & Lee Reprise album for which Billy Strange arranged & conducted and Hazlewood wrote (50%) & produced (100%).

Nancy & Lee LP“Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman” (originally written for Jim and Jesse, who released a 45 in December 1967) remained strictly an album track for Nancy & Lee — except in Germany, where it served as the B-side to “Elusive Dreams” in May 1969.

Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman 45