Only on 8-Track

Believe it or not, there are pieces of music that can be found on no other audio format but 8-track tape.  One example of something that exists only on 8-track:  this brief instrumental passage from Lou Reed‘s 1973 album, Berlin, that appears between the first two songs, “Berlin” and  “Lady Day”:

Another instance of something that resides solely within the realm of the 8-track is an alternate version of “Pigs on the Wing” from the Pink Floyd album, Animals, produced for the 8-track cartridge release, in which the song order was changed, and Parts 1 and 2 were played back-to-back at the beginning of the album, linked by a guitar solo performed by Snowy White, who would later play the guitar solo in live performances on their 1977 In the Flesh Tour:

Also, there is an extended version of “Six O’Clock,” written by Paul McCartney for Ringo‘s near-Beatles reunion of an album, 1973’s, Ringo, that was only included on 8-track:

Similarly, there is an extended version for the 8-track release of “Silver Moon” from 1970’s Loose Salute by Mike Nesmith & the First National Band with a longer steel guitar break by Red Rhodes and a “cold” ending (not a fade-out).

I have also affirmed a chatboard assertion that Tommy Boyce‘s self-titled 1967 debut on RCA/Camden includes a song found only on the 8-track version, “I’m a-Wonderin’ Why.”  There also seems to be a consensus that 1978’s Some Girls by The Rolling Stones is noticeably altered for 8-track release, with two songs (“Miss You” & “Beast of Burden”)  longer, while two others (“Far Away Eyes” & “Shattered”) are shortened – and possibly a third (“Just My Imagination”).

Also mentioned in a previous post is the odd fact that – despite the release of two 7″ vinyl promo singles in 1972 – the first full-playing release by “JimmyDale & The FlatlandersAll American Music, was issued by Plantation Records as an 8-track-only affair!

Jimm(ie) Dale & Flatlanders 8-Track