“Panhandle Rag”: Tip of the East Coast Western Swing

Here’s a great rockin’ arrangement of Leon McAuliffe‘s steel guitar instrumental, “Panhandle Rag” by The Hachey Brothers & Mary Lou:

“Panhandle Rag”     The Hachey Brothers & Mary Lou     1958

Thanks to Lonesome Lefty’s Scratchy Attic for the biographical info:

Brothers Curly and Bobby Hachey were natives of Atholville, New Brunswick. Performing early on as the “Sunset Playboys,” by the 1950s they were known as the Hachey Brothers and gained a great deal of exposure performing with Willie Lamothe as his backup band.  Bobby Hachey remained with Willie Lamothe for many years and became legendary in Quebec for his virtuosity as a lead guitarist.
Pickin’ Strings Country Style was released in 1958 in Canada (on the Banff label) and in the US (on Rodeo International) and although it contains no personnel listings, it pictures (left to right) Fernand Thibault on tenor banjo (also played violin), Bobby Hachey on mandolin (also played lead electric guitar), Curly Hachey on rhythm guitar and Mary Lou Farrah on upright bass.

Hachey Brothers & Mary Lou