“Louie Louie”: Languid, Listless

One year after Stu Phillips recorded a spectacularly soporific reading of “Tired of Waiting for You,” The Sandpipers released a similarly sluggish take on the garage rock classic, “Louie Louie” – it, too, makes me laugh:

Were Stu Phillips and The Sandpipers part of a mid-60s “torp pop” trend?

Louie Louie EPWhat’s in a Name:  The Sandpipers – whose 1966 debut A&M single, “Guantanamera” was a Top 10 smash – had unknowingly appropriated the same name as a trio of Pensacola, Florida girls who enjoyed musical backing from a young Duane & Gregg Allman (as The Allman Joys) when they auditioned for Columbia in 1965 with Bob Dylan’s then-producer, Bob Johnston.  Spectropop has the back story – with photos.