Worrell’s Arrangement For a King

I love that Bernie Worrell played with the National Symphony Orchestra at the age of 10.

Twenty-two years or so later, Worrell would arrange “Call My Job” for the mighty bluesman, Albert King.  Curiously, Worrell’s contribution to King’s 1978 album King Albert might have faded into history’s background had not this particular detail been noted on the 45 release “Love Shock” b/w “Call My Job,” given that Worrell’s name is otherwise missing from the album credits: (or misspelled):

“Call My Job”     Albert King     1978

Text beneath “Albert King” – when magnified – identifies Bernie Worrell as arranger

Albert King 45

Albert King:  Guitar & Vocals
Aaron Willis & Ray Tini, Jr.:  Guitar
Anthony Willis:  Bass
Dwayne Lomax:  Drums
Barbara Huby & Larry Fratangelo:  Percussion
Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns:  Horns
Rudy Robinson:  Keyboards

Albert King’s 1977 LP ‘King Albert’Albert King LP-a

Is it fair to assume that Bernie Worrell’s arrangement responsibilities extended to the horns?  Album produced by Don Davis, whose name you will see once more in the very near future.

Bernie Worrell (courtesy of Discogs)

 Bernie Worrell

Detroit Junior would record the original version in 1965.