Boliver Shagnasty = Rusty York?

Seriously, you expect us to believe that someone in 1958 is named “Boliver Shagnasty”?  Whose name, no less, is on a 45 that bears the randy song title “Tapping That Thing”?   Sounds like a Wayne’s World prank.  And yet it really happened.

Boliver Shagnasty = Rusty York in disguise?

Boliver Shagnasty 4545Cat contributor makes the following controversial claim:

“According to ancient rumour, the artist was Rusty York, who was contracted to King Records.  Syd Nathan wouldn’t allow these tracks to be recorded, so this was a “moonlighting” job.  [Note well] only what I’ve heard!”

“Tapping That Thing”     Boliver Shagnasty     1958

One cannot think of the song title – “Tapping That Thing” – without being reminded of McDonald’s hilariously misguided ad campaign from ten years or so prior:

I'd Hit It McD's ad