Lou Rawls ISO “Groovy People”

Thanks to the Andrea Bray Show on DC’s WPFW for pointing me to a Lou Rawls song whose lyric intrigued me in that wonderful and unexpected way that only radio can do when an actual person is given the latitude to make thoughtful song selections.  How funny to find out that this late 1960s production (or so I thought) is actually (1) a single from 1976 (2) that was written and produced by Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff:

“Groovy People”      Lou Rawls     1976

“Groovy People” would make it into the US Top 100 pop chart (#64) although hit Top 20 R&B (#19) as well as Adult Contemporary (#19).

Netherlands 45

Lou Rawls 45

How delightful to discover that Lou Rawls once sang “Groovy People” on television with vocal backing from Jim Henson’s Muppets: