The Ax-Wielding Barbara Lynn

Barbara Lynn released a whole slew of singles in the 60s & 70s – how come I only just became aware of her?  Yeah, what’s my problem?

Her 1962 debut single for Jamie was a #8 Pop & #1 R&B hit “You’ll Lose a Good Thing.”  Lynn would hit the Billboard Top 100 and R&B Top 40 a couple handfuls of times between 1962-1971.

Does sister rosetta tharpe know about this?

Barbara Lynn-a0928lynn.jpgBarbara Lynn-ccBarbara Lynn-dd

In 1966 Barbara Lynn would appear on TV’s The !!!! Beat  hosted by Bill “Hoss” Allen (who wrote the liner notes for “Queenie” Lyons’ Soul Fever LP) – for a live performance of 1965 Jamie A-side, “It’s Better to Have It”:

“It’s Better to Have It”     Barbara Lynn     1966 TV Performance

Lynn would also gain renown for having recorded the original “You Left the Water Running” in 1966.  Am I the first to be tickled by the discovery that only the year prior, King Records would release a 45 by Wayne Cochran bearing the same song title!

“You Left the Water Running”     Wayne Cochran     1965

Wayne Cochran King 45MTV has a surprisingly decent biographical profile of Barbara Lynn that begins thusly:

“Singer/guitarist Barbara Lynn was a rare commodity during her heyday.  Not only was she a female instrumentalist (one of the very first to hit the charts), but she also played left-handed — quite well at that — and even wrote some of her own material.  Lynn’s music often straddled the line between blues and Southern R&B, and since much of her early work – including the number one R&B hit ‘You’ll Lose a Good Thing’ – was recorded in New Orleans, it bore the sonic imprint of the Crescent City.”

Wikipedia points out that Moby sampled Lynn’s “I’m A Good Woman” on his album 18.

What’s up with the typo on this EP (“Jaime”) – is this record for real?

Barbara Lynn EP