Tommy Tedesco’s Twangin’ Guitar

The 2008 documentary, The Wrecking Crew – a celebration of the (often unnamed) studio musicians that played on a great many radio hits of the 1960s and 70s – is on tour and coming to a town near me.  One such studio musician – bassist, Carol Kaye – has expressed great dismay that the documentary is overly dominated by Hal Blaine and Tommy Tedesco and not more inclusive of other musicians’ perspectives, as the film had originally been pitched.  My hope is that Carol Kaye might assemble a documentary team that would help tell the stories that were not a part of The Wrecking Crew – that way we would end up with two films that capture the history of the hard-working session players instead of just one.

Tommy Tedesco     Twangin’ Twelve Great Hits     1962     (Dot)

Twangin' with Tedesco-cover-1Twangin' with Tedesco-cover-2

Tommy Tedesco, “the most famous guitarist you’ve never heard of,”  has played on countless rock, pop, television & film soundtrack recording dates.  One of Tedesco’s earliest albums as a solo artist – Twangin’ Twelve Great Hits from 1962 – would appear to be an attempt by Tommy to give Duane Eddy a run for his money:

“Exodus”     Tommy Tedesco     1962

when earth tones ruled:

Tommy Tedesco at Namm with Dale Zdenek & Joe Diorio

Tommy Tedesco

“Licks Off of Records”: The Fact Is, I’m This Good Because I Practice

Martin Mull, along with The Gong Show, Rocky Horror and Monty Python, made the 1970s rather zany — a word I would not use to describe the present-day.  “Licks Off of Records” is a classic Martin Mull lyric:

Song was originally released on 1973’s Martin Mull and His Fabulous Furniture in Your Living Room album.

Martin Mull LP

Tommy Tedesco = Ex-Con?

Wacky clip of Martin Mull from the Fernwood Tonight television show singing a song about noses — with sublime support from master session musician, Tommy Tedesco, who Mull jokingly asserts, learned his guitar chops while incarcerated: